Paving the way to realise children’s rights online in Europe

Sub-report on children’s rights online based on assessments provided by 32 Eurochild members in 22 countries.

This report compiles information on children’s rights in the digital environment extracted from Eurochild’s 2023 report on children in need across Europe, Children’s Rights: Political will or won’t?.

As children across Europe live in an increasingly digitalised world, society adapts to respond to emerging challenges. While online environments bring many benefits for children in terms of development, socialisation, and educational opportunities, they also create a new set of challenges to be tackled. Eurochild members report that children are increasingly at risk online, with disastrous repercussions on their mental health and general well-being.

This section will outline existing good practices in different participating countries and analyse the main risks highlighted by Eurochild members in terms of online child safety, and their repercussions on children across Europe.

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Source: Eurochild