Friends Club

Aksa Kids Mega Store

AKSA Kids Mega Store is the first honorary member of “Friends Club with all their hearts for the children of Serbia” and a sponsor of the competition for the selection of a mascot of MODS and one of the leading chain of baby and children products in Serbia. Following the principle of “one-stop shop for babies and young children”, Aksa is a place where parents and prospective parents can find everything necessary for their children from their birth up to 12 years. Aksa Kids Mega Store operates five stores in Belgrade and one in Novi Sad, Niš, Čačak, Kragujevac, Šabac, Kruševac and Zrenjanin, and an online store at

“The social responsibility based on ethical principles is seen as a part of the business philosophy and business culture by Aksa Kids Mega Store. As Aksa is a company whose business activities are dedicated to the youngest, it is logical that their philanthropic activities are directed precisely towards this vulnerable social group and organizations involved in the protection of their rights. Supporting Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia, Aksa wants to support activities aimed at the protection of children and improving their position in society in all spheres of life”is what they said in AKSA Kids Mega Store.

T Nation

T Nation is a young Serbian company that specializes in web design, software development, technical support and system administration and cooperates with many renowned clients across the United States and the European Union.

Owing to T Nation MODS got their calendar, which clearly shows the activities of our members and the strength of our network.

Hotel Marriott

Located in the centre of Belgrade since 2015, Hotel Marriott is just one of many from this world-famous hotel chain, which has a total of 114 rooms and covers an area of 7,500 square meters.

By the courtesy of Marriott Hotels, MODS has organized numerous conferences and meetings.

Sugar & Spice

As a unique restaurant in our area, Sugar & Spice offers to all its visitors a different gastronomic experience both with its offer and its excellent service.

Sugar& Spice is a host to MODS meetings with the ambassadors and it was there where the premiere of the video “Winning team” with the water polo national team of Serbia took place.


The company”Bambi” was founded 40 years ago and has since become a part of every household, thanks to its high quality and distinctive products.

For the needs of MODS, Bambi will provide gifts made of their products which will be distributed to children where this type of assistance is most needed.


Ninamedia Press Clipping monitors the media content of the Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia. Ninamedia Press Clipping is the leader in the field of monitoring and analysis of media content in Serbia. They work every day, 365 days a year with 110 operators, analysts, translators and researchers in all major cities in Serbia, but also in the region. It monitors and analyses content from more than 300 print and electronic media and delivers them to the addresses of about 400 clients who account for over 60% of the total number of users of clipping services in Serbia.


Pininn is a design studio which accompanies the Network of Organizations for Children of Serbiafrom the very beginning. As a part of socially responsible activities they have provided support to MODS in the design of electronic greeting cards and invitations, the logo for the House of Children’s Rights, the Friends Club and the Badge of gratitude for the Friends Club.


Pertini Toys

Pertini Toys produces, imports and distributes children’s toys. With its wide assortment and attractive toys, Pertini Toys, after almost 30 years in business, is the general distributor of over 30 world-renowned manufacturers of high-quality children’s toys and equipment.  

Pertini Toys is a socially responsible company which takes care of children and their development and also makes donations and gifts to institutions in need, works with children’s education centers, sports and recreational children’s centers, humanitarian organizations, and numerous preschools, providing them with the highest quality equipment, games and toys.


The production of children’s shoes (children’s shoes, flats, walking shoes, boots, home shoes, sneakers …) was launched in 1996. The years that followed brought a steady rise both in the production and in the field of children’s footwear trade, and the name POLLINO became synonymous with quality and a recognized Serbian brand.

Unquestionable quality, natural materials, anatomic shape for the proper development of children’s feet and deformity prevention, as well as top design have made a vast number of satisfied consumers become and remain permanent customers of footwear POLLINO. The famous slogan “healthy, beautiful, nice… POLLINO” has become recognizable around the world.

The Shopping Center Stadium

The Shopping Center Stadium extends on over 75.000 square meters and is the largest shopping center in the old part of Belgrade, including two underground levels with about 1.000 parking lots and a football stadium on the roof. It was built according to current UEFA standards, with the possibility of hosting 5.000 spectators. The area of the retail part of the center is 30.000 square meters and contains the most famous world and local fashion brands, catering facilities and various entertainment facilities for all visitors.

On the third floor, there are modernly equipped exclusive restaurants that provide visitors with an incredible panorama of Belgrade. The Shopping Center Stadium offers all its visitors excellent shopping, entertainment, sports enjoyment and amazing views – all passions at one place.


Euromedik supported the first donor race of baby crawlers “123crawlNOW”, providing the presence of a pediatrician who followed the race and provided advice to mothers with children. Euromedik is renowned as an institution with the best quality/price ratio for clients.

It is the largest private healthcare system in Serbia, founded in 2002 with an aim to provide users with the highest quality medical service by leading specialists and subspecialists from almost all fields of medicine, using the most modern and certified medical equipment.

H & M Cupcakes

H & M CUPCAKES offers a huge variety of muffins for all occasions and celebrations. The shops of this innovative brand are located within the Delta City and the Stadion shopping centers. H & M CUPCAKES supports the Network of Organizations for Children’s of Serbia by providing the most delicious cookies for many activities that MODS organizes for children.

Proactive management consulting
Proactive Management Consulting PMC

PMC is a consulting company that provides creative and unique solutions that address root causes of problems at the strategic and system level, by interdisciplinary teams composed of “classical” management consultants, lawyers, engineers and other professionals as needed.

The consultants of Proactive Management Consulting Ltd. founded a non-profit company, Napra Forgo in 2000, which employs people with disabilities and people from socially vulnerable groups. In 2017 PMC was the socially most responsible company in Hungary.