ECPAT Serbia


MODS as a national network with a special emphasis on implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN CRC) places a significant emphasis on protecting children from all forms of violence, including sexual exploitation and abuse. To achieve these objectives, MODS joined ECPAT International and established ECPAT Serbia. This move enables us to further our national commitment to ending the Sexual Exploitation of Children through enhanced thematic and sectorial collaboration with our members.

With ECPAT Serbia, we have established a thematic and sectorial framework for collaboration. The Center for Missing and Exploited Children – CNZD and the Association Atina have been designated as representatives of MODS in ECPAT International. They are responsible for maintaining ongoing communication with ECPAT, participating in ECPAT activities, and disseminating all pertinent information to MODS and other stakeholders.

The MODS secretariat will strategically coordinate the participation and flow of information between MODS management bodies and the MODS representatives in ECPAT International, as well as facilitate coordination regarding the potential involvement of other interested MODS member organizations in activities related to MODS’ membership in ECPAT.

ECPAT Serbia extends an open invitation to all MODS members committed to ending the sexual exploitation and abuse of children. Our core principle is to empower our members and colleagues to engage in various activities and joint initiatives, both nationally and internationally, to effectively represent MODS.