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Caring Communities

Transnational multi-level approaches for transformative changes in the Homecare Sector and Community-based Development of the Danube Region.

Being well cared for in familiar surroundings at home for as long as possible: This is a wish of many people in need of care. However, this type of ambulant care and home care is often not possible, as the entire Danube region faces major challenges in this area: A lack of care staff and volunteers, an overload of informal carers and a lack of integration of digital support systems into everyday life are just a few examples. In rural areas, it is usually even more difficult than in urban areas to provide comprehensive and sufficient services and support. The European Care Strategy (2022) shows that although the various care stakeholders across Europe face similar challenges, the solutions are usually developed nationally.

Under the leadership of Diakonie Baden, 25 partners from nine countries in the Danube region are implementing Caring Communities over a period of 30 months (January 2024 to June 2026). The project consortium is broadly based with public actors, universities, NGOs and associations.

Facts and Figures

Title: Caring Communities

Objective: Improving home care in the Danube region

Duration: January 2024 – June 2026

Volume: 2,95 Mio €

Countries involved: 9 (Bulgaria, Bosnia, Germany, Croatia, Moldova, Austria, Romania, Serbia, Hungary)

Lead: Diakonie Baden

Funded by: Interreg Danube Region Programme

Partners Caring Communities

Source: Diakonie Baden