Eurochild: EU Child Guarantee Game and child-friendly explainer

As part of the Reaching In Initiative, Eurochild, the University of Central Lancashire and Fundació Privada Pere Closa released an accessible and child-friendly explainer of the Child Guarantee which features a game.

The Reaching In project aims at increasing the impact that marginalised children have on public decision-making at local, national level and European levels.

The Eurochild Children’s Council was consulted on the child-friendly version and game. The game was then shared with a group of Spanish school children aged 3-12 years old, from economically and socially unstable backgrounds, including Roma children, children with other nationalities as well as some children with disabilities.

A space was created for the children to play the game without influence of adults, which allowed the children to find out what access to education, a meal at school healthcare, healthy food and good enough housing means to them. The children decided that it was necessary to change the icons of the indicators and an illustrator came in to design the new cards with the children.

Watch the short video showing the children who participated into this project

Read the instructions and print and cut up the cards in the PDF below, so that they can be used like a pack of card!

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Source: Eurochild