MODS has 96 members: Annual Assembly held

The regular annual Assembly of the Network Organization for Children of Serbia (MODS) was held in Kragujevac from November 3 to 5, 2017. The session was chaired by Radomir Jevtić, president of the Association “Step Forward” from Kruševac.

Skupština 2017

During the working session, the Assembly first reviewed The Network Report for 2016, presented by the Director Saša Stefanović, The Report on the Work of the Steering Committee presented by the President of the Board of Directors Jasmina Miković and The Report of the Supervisory Board presented by Olgica Beba Bajić, the President of this body. After a brief discussion, the Assembly adopted unanimously all the reports submitted.

MODS has a new Steering and Supervisory Board

The MODS Assembly then proceeded to select new members of the Steering Committee, as well as to decide on the admission of new organizations to the Network membership. The elected members of the Steering Committee are former President Jasmina Miković (Praxis), Iva Eraković (Children’s Friends of Serbia), Kenan Rašitović (Youth Forum for Roma Education), Tatjana Lazor-Obradović (Know How Center), Dragana Soćanin (AgroInvest Foundation Serbia), Marija Petrović (Child Rights Centre), Gordana Plemić (Parent), Vesna Mraković-Jokanović (SOS Children’s Village Serbia) and Mladen Milutinović (Open Club).

Skupština 2017

The new members of the Supervisory Board are Radomir Jevtić (Step Forward) and Ana Jovanović (Center for Creative Development Knjaževac) and Aleksandra Jović (UNICEF).

The MODS Assembly has admitted 16 new organizations

MODS also received a record 17 entries for membership, and the organizations had the opportunity to present themselves to the Assembly in a short speech, and after that, they became new members of MODS by the decision of the Assembly.

  • Center for Education of Roma and Ethnic Communities (Belgrade)
  • Edulink (Aranđelovac)
  • City Association for Helping People with Autism in Subotica
  • Koba Yagi (Belgrade)
  • Horse Club Aranđelovac
  • Mindful Center (Novi Sad)
  • MisturaFINA (Belgrade)
  • Okular (Ćićevac)
  • Family Assistance (Belgrade)
  • Family Philharmonic (Niš)
  • Friends of Belgrade Children
  • Roma Center for Child Rights (Belgrade)
  • Roma Heart (Belgrade)
  • Youth Style (Ruma)
  • Youth Association Ćuprija
  • Association of Disabled Women “Victoria” (Majdanpek)

Skupština 2017

In the continuation of the work of the Assembly, the Director of the Network, Saša Stefanović presented to the members present an overview of the realized activities and achieved results in 2017. Some of the noteworthy results achieved by MODS during the current year are identifying the Network at the national level as an important participant, MODS got a representative in the Children’s Rights Council, while active participation in public discussions on educational laws has been taken, too.

Skupština 2017

Together with SKGO MODS also works to improve the work of the Inter-Sectoral Committees, while for the second year in a row, on the proposal of the Network, the field of the rights of the child got its place in the ex of the Prime Minister of Serbia.

Part of the Assembly dedicated to further progress of MODS’s work

The Assembly was also recognized as an opportunity to open a discussion on the possibilities for further improvement of the Network’s work. A special part of the session was dedicated to presenting activities aimed at raising the capacities of MODS members in accordance with the assessed needs to support member organizations. The participants of the Assembly had an opportunity to give their comments and suggestions within working groups dedicated to the role of MODS in advocacy activities at the local and national level and support to members, the inclusion of children and the creation of a sustainable mechanism for their participation.

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