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Guarantees for Every Child

Belgrade, 20. 11. 2021.

On the occasion of marking the World Children’s Day, the Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia reminds that poverty and growing inequality particularly impact children and their prospects for a quality and dignified life. Poverty jeopardizes the fundamental rights of the child – the right to life and development, the right to education, the right to participation, the right to play, and contributes to the occurrence of child labor and discrimination. Poverty and inequality do not only imply current deprivation and disregard for human rights but also diminish the chances for the normal development of children and influence their overall future.

What the numbers say

200,000 children and youth grow up below the absolute poverty line.

Children (from 0 to 18 years) are at the highest risk of poverty and social exclusion – 24.2%.

According to the latest estimate for the year 2019, the poverty rate for children aged 0 to 18 is 8.3%, for children up to 13 years 8.2%, and for children from 14 to 18 years 8.5%, which is higher compared to other age groups.

Consequences of poverty and inequality for children

Living in poor and inadequate conditions for living and learning.

Reduced opportunities to complete primary education, decreased opportunities for continuing education in high school, and almost no opportunities for higher education.

Greater risks to overall health.

Greater risk of exposure to violence and exploitation, sexual exploitation, and labor exploitation.

Greater risk of separating children from the family and placing them in institutions.

Greater risk of delinquent behavior and the development of mental disorders.


Therefore, we demand that the Government of the Republic of Serbia guarantees every child:

  1. Decent and adequate housing conditions.
  2. Quality education.
  3. Protection from any form of violence and exploitation.
  4. Quality and accessible healthcare.
  5. Full support for life and staying in a family that is a safe and supportive place.

The full statement can be downloaded at the following link.