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CPD: Preparatory workshops held with children from the DX Club

The Child Rights Centre (CRC) recently organized four preparatory workshops with children from the DX Club. These workshops are part of the project “Supporting the Well-being of Children and Youth and Educating on Child Rights,” with financial support from the International Women’s Club (IWC), aimed at improving the mental health of children residing in the Institute for Children and Youth in Belgrade.

The first preparatory workshop aimed to introduce the project’s objectives and workshops, as well as peer education in the Institute. The children actively engaged in discussions and understanding the mechanisms for protecting children’s mental health, exploring the internal and external support network for mental health in schools. They also conducted mapping of individuals and their skills that constitute supportive figures for children.

The second preparatory workshop focused on recognizing ways of expressing basic emotions and learning constructive ways to cope with emotions. The children familiarized themselves with differentiating feelings from interpretations (thoughts) following Marshall Rosenberg’s model. Through drawing techniques, the children depicted emotions, body schemas, intensity, and constructive ways of expressing and coping with emotions.

The third preparatory workshop centered on mapping concerns and enhancing prioritization skills. The children carried out mapping of concerns (known as “my rainy cloud”) and identified levels of responsibility, internal and external locus of control. This workshop also involved technique demonstrations and individual work.

The fourth preparatory workshop aimed to familiarize children with stress mapping techniques and identifying sources of stress, as well as devising constructive ways to cope with stressors. The children actively participated in identifying stressors using drawing techniques and practicing active listening. The workshop concluded with an exchange of experiences and presentation of drawings.

Through these workshops, children from the DX Club acquired knowledge and skills that will enable them to conduct peer education on mental health and child rights through workshops with children residing in the Institute.

Source: CPD