Različak is a doll that speaks a lot, yet, without a single word.

It is a doll, a mascot of the Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia, which is always there to tell us that every child has the right to a quality life, but also to remind us that there are children who do not have equal conditions for growing up as their other peers.


All children are unique, special, different and valuable, and at the same time vulnerable, sensitive and need our attention, care and support... Our hero carries a message that differences among children are not something terrible and strange, but that they are precious, and the quality that connects children.

Why did we invite Razičak to help us?

Različak carries an extraordinary story with it, and it is here to convey the message of the uniqueness of each child, but also to remind us that as adults we are responsible for enabling them to develop and live a quality life.


Različak is a 35 cm textile doll. The body of the toy is always green, and its hair is purple-blue because the puppet-child is conceived as a flower. The clothes are always different, while a small heart of red is always visible from the front. There is a pocket on the back of the head in which a hand can be placed when the story is told to a child or a child can use it to tell the story themselves in this way. A doll goes with a recycled paper card with a short message about Različak.

How did Različak come into being?

We organized a public competition and invited creative, young people from all over Serbia to give us a proposal for a puppet, which would help us in our struggle for a better and a higher-quality life for every child, but also to be a toy for children. We are proud that many young designers from all over Serbia participated in the Mascot Contest supported by our first member of the Friends Club AksaKids Mega Store.


The inspiration lies in the very flower of the same name that, as children, is vulnerable, beautiful, persistent and durable. The idea for Različak was sent to us by Tijana Petrović from KobaYagi Toys Belgrade.

Različak supports a healthy environment and helps vulnerable groups

The puppet is an ecologically and socially responsible product because it is produced from recycled textile (which makes every doll have different clothes). Textile accounts for 6% of all non-recyclable waste in Serbia, but we decided to change this, together with our MODS friends from KobaYagi toys, and make this figure even smaller.


Also, puppets are made by women, single mothers and those belonging to groups which are difficult to get employed. We linked them all because we think that children and their game are exactly the impulse for changes and our future.

How to help MODS and get your Različak?

Make a positive change and become a member of the family of the Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia which advocates for the welfare of children in Serbia! Donate!

By donating to the Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia, you help achieve the program goals and the work of MODS, a network of over 95 member organizations that are involved in improving the quality of life of children in Serbia. Our mascot Različak can also be found on the KobaYagi toys webshop.