Education Policy Positions

What is inclusive education for us (children)?

Inclusion. The word we often hear from teachers, media, and even parents … While we are not quite sure that they grew familiar enough with what inclusion means and what it actually is, we will state our opinion on the concept of inclusive education. For us, inclusive education is the education available to everyone. It is an opportunity for every child to enroll and regularly attend school. It is actually more than just education – it is preparation for life in the world where there is room for all, where our diversity does not prevent us to socialize, learn, help and support each other.

One of the most important ideas is that schools are child-friendly, not vice versa; that schools are places of getting together, not of separation and segregation of children. One school for all – for children with disabilities and children living and working on the street, for a child who has many talents, and a child living in poverty who did not have a chance to advance as they could, for a child who comes from other backgrounds, from another culture, a Roma child who learns a language other than their mother tongue and a child who is not good at math or any other subject. School as a place in which we will develop and progress to the utmost limits, starting from our differences and opportunities.


We are all equal, though visibly different. We have the same needs (to love, be loved, to be accepted, to socialize, play, learn …), the only difference is the way in which these requirements are met. Therefore, we would like a child in a wheelchair to be able to sit in classes and be a part of a class.

Do not be afraid that it will reduce the quality of teaching. Inclusion is our attitude towards the weak, towards the different, towards diversity. It is our mirror and shows how much we are willing to grow, to learn and support each other. The best way to improve yourself is to accept others and help someone. This is the way to grow and develop.

Obstacles are everywhere, but inclusion must not stop because

That is not taught in schools only. Schools can be the beginning of a meeting with inclusion. The first experience we gain in families, from our parents, listening to them and watching how they relate to the weak, towards the different, towards diversity.

There are obstacles that we encounter. Some are visible, such as buildings and ramps in schools that are so steep that no rollers can climb them, while others are less obvious, but are greater than buildings themselves, schools and all ramps.

Inkluzivno obrazovanje naslovna

But if you see a child instead of obstacles, and start on from what a child can do, and you know that you are not alone, neither you nor that child, for there are at least 20 of us in each class, willing not to compete but to cooperate, you can get answers to questions and doubts about HOW to reach inclusion in a classroom, at school, in our city?

Do not forget, there are also our parents, grandparents, relatives, neighbors, friends. Perhaps one of them can help us and help you. And we do not have to worry about how far we are from the goal, because it the most important is to strive for the goal. And the goal is – one education. One, but worthy – quality for ALL.